Customized Software

Hides classification into:
Size, quality, thickness fields, weight categories.
Pallet management:
Hides’ addressing to the destination pallets (also mixed combination quality/size/thickness/weight).

Labelling Machines

Advanced Functionality - Report and Barcode.
The computer has a powerful memory used to store various labels layouts with barcodes that can be pulled out upon the customers’request.

Lettori barcode
Barcode Readers
Thickness measuring instruments
Display di segnalazione
Digital Display
Avvisatori acustici
Acoustic Detector
Push-button panel for the hides classification into quality
Rullo staccapelli
Hide detaching roller

It detaches the hides from the felt of the sammer and places them on the Bluescan’s conveyor.

Siding Cutter
Timbratore a perforazione
Needle stamper

With pneumatic system permits the alphanumerical stamping up to 6 characters.

Timbratore termostampante rovescio con timbratura lato fiore
Upside down thermostatic stamper with stamping on grain side

It can be programmed by the keyboard for stamping the identifi cation data on the hide.

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