Industrial computer
Industrial computer
2 Processori
Two processors are bettern than one!

With two combined powerful processors of 32 bit, the machine reaches high levels of performance and amazing calculation capabilities.

Misurazioni perfette ed affidabili
Perfect and accurate measurements

Measurements are made independently in real time and with very high standards of precision and accuracy.


With the phototransistor system at infrared rays spaced at 20 mm apart from the other and the multiprocessor, measurements are made independently, in real time and with very high standards of precision and accuracy.

Color Display
All information always under control

The bright high resolution colour Maxi Display (5,7” QVGA) has an accurate graphic interface. As a result, navigation of the menus is quick and user-friendly.

Touch screen
Touch screen
Modalità Easy
"EASY" mode

Essential functions at your fingertips. This guarantees rapid access to the most important functions thanks to carefully positioned control keys and a simplified menu and to be personalized by the customer.

Help in linea
Help online

Maximum flexibility and connectivity

It can be updated through the Internet and can easily be integrated with pre-existing systems on your production line.

Connessione Ethernet
Ethernet connection

To comunicate in your company network.

Connessione USB
Connessione USB

Comunication between PC and computer.

Teleassitenza e Assistenza Remota
GER Teleassistance & Remote assistance

Further to the personalized technical assistance service that has always distinguished Ger Elettronica, it is also possible to take advantage of the Ger Elettronica on-line service.

Manutenzione/Check-up automatico
Automatic Maintenance/Check-up

	Aggiornamento automatico
Automatic update

robustezza e sicurezza
Electronic speed variator

The electronic speed variator improves the measuring performances carried out by the machine as permits to adjust the speed in accordance to the type of leather to be checked.

robustezza e sicurezza

Oven-cured polyester powder paint and an anti-corrosion treatment, the chassis and the sealed electronic parts, the special dustproof gaskets and the waterproof keyboard make it sturdy and safe, essential characteristics for any environmental or operating conditions and for reducing maintenance and cleaning work to a minimum.

Connessione USB
Certified Quality

It is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

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