Energy Control System


It allows to save electric and thermal energy in the lines for hides painting.


On the basis of some analysis effected, we detected that avoiding the inactivity times of the machine, E.C.S. permits to reduce the consumption of electric and thermal energy with an important global saving of energy.

Why Energy Control System?

• to reduce the operational costs and manage your lines effectively
• to save electric and thermal energy
• to spread an environmental policy inside your company
• to apply to your lines the best managing technologies

What are the benefits?

• reduction of maintenance and cleaning costs
• clear view of the energy spent
• complete definition of the industrial cost of each process
• reduction of the noises
• more efficiency of the system for fumes scrubbing
• advantages also in the environmental impact

From surveys conducted among our customers, we found that the average energy saving achieved is 40-50%.

Risparmio energia termica Risparmio energetico
Energy Control System

The right idea for the energy saving in the lines of hides painting

Solutions for saving
Analysis of the energy consumptions and of the chemical products
Data control

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